Sunday, May 5, 2013

Flat Stanley

On our trip to Florida, we got to meet Flat Stanley.  Flat Stanley was sent to my sister, Shelly,  from our nieces son Braydon.  I have never heard of Flat Stanley before.  Braydon sent him to my sister for a visit.  Kids create them in school and give them to family and friends, to take places, take pictures, and create a story.   It was very cool. Here he is with me and Jack at Universal Studios.

 Flat Stanley enjoying the flowers.

 Flat Stanley enjoying Toy Story.

 Posing with my sister.

 Meeting a dinosaur.

 Having a drink, posing for a picture.

 Trying on a hat.

 Riding a motorcycle.

We really got a kick out of it.  A lot of people knew what we were doing.  Also spotted a Grandma taking a picture with her Flat Stanley.