Sunday, September 11, 2011

The cough...........The Story of Brian....

We arrived in Rochester Sunday. We had appointments with a doctor on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. The Clinic was incredible. First was signing a ton of paperwork. Most of the tests that they would run would not be covered by our health insurance. The insurance company would not ok duplicate testing to be done. Whatever the cost, this had to be done.

There were lines 20 to 50 people long for bloodwork, x-rays, etc. Everything ran with complete efficiency. First was Brian's bloodwork, which we got done pretty fast. Next we went to our first appointment with the doctor.

I had a huge bag which we carried all Brian's medical records, x-rays, and cat scan. The doctor was very nice. We were very overwelmed, but he made us feel very comfortable. As we started to talk about the problems with Brian, I reached for my bag of information and the doctor said "no". I don't want to see anything yet......tell me about your son.

For the first time ever, Jack and I talked to this doctor for hours about Brian. When all the problems started and what had taken place in the last year or so.

Next would be an alergy test on Tuesday and another appointment with the doctor.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The cough...........The Story of Brian....

Even with all the medication, the cough persisted. The doctor felt that if we got a breathing machine for our house and we gave Brian breathing treatments a couple of times a day it would help.

We did this for a couple of months. Brian was on a total of 5 medications, including the 3 inhalers.

Nothing helped. We were completely helpless.....

So we picked up all of the x-rays, copies of Brian's files at all of the doctor's he had been seeing and left for the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.