Sunday, March 3, 2013

50th Birthday

Yep- I am fifty.  Hard to believe.  What a Birthday .  A weekend with Jack, Chelsea, Bob, and my nieces Heidi and Missy.  We had a wonderful night.  Dinner and cocktails at Cody's and then played Scattergories.  Very fun night!   I received a 'facetime' call from my sister.  She was going to come home for the weekend, but instead, her and Jack planned a weekend for all of us in Chicago!  She got our hotel room for my present!!!

My actual Birthday was very interesting.   First of all, my manager Gloria made sure my day was filled with fun.  My road sign announced my birthday as I drove to my restaurant.  Gloria had also contacted the local radio station and announced my 50th Birthday and asked people to say Happy Birthday to me at my restaurant.

So my day consisted of customers coming in my store, thru my Drive-thru, and calling the store to say Happy Birthday to me.  Wow.

The managers and crew got together and gave me a basket of items that I will soon need.  Denture Cream, Depends, chocolates, candy, and other items I will need in the near future.  They also had flowers delivered to the store.  I love my people!!

My Coffee guys that come in every morning, got me a cane to help me along.  Another manager, Aurora, baked me a cake!
It was awesome!!

Jack took me out for a great dinner at Famous Dave's - followed by cocktails at our favorite bar where I received another cake from our favorite bartender, Diane.

Chicago was amazing.  Shelly told everyone we saw that it was my birthday.  She got me 2 pairs of glasses, a terra, a shot-glass necklace, a shot glass, and confetti for our hotel room.
The beaded necklace said "it took 50 years to get this fabulous. "  I like that!!

We had a great time.  We did lots of shopping.  Had cocktails on the 96th floor of the John Hancock Building.  Went to the Chicago Art Institute, The Navy Pier, and of course took Shelly out for a deep dish pizza.

Nightlife included ' Howl at the Moon' a great dueling piano bar, where I found myself on stage with a bride to be, dancing to 'Baby Got Back'.  We also went to Second City Comedy Club, which was wonderful and I highly recommend!

Thank you to everyone that made my 50th Birthday one to remember!!!