Friday, September 14, 2012

Kitchen remodel - DIY

So these are pictures of our kitchen before our remodel.  It all started on Jack's brothers 50th Birthday Party.  Jack's family all flew out to Salt Lake City for a surprise birthday party.  His brother and his wife had just completed their kitchen remodel and I just fell in love with it.  I spent an entire night thinking of how I wanted our kitchen.  And it had to be done while trying to keep our budget in mind.
After getting Jack on board with my thoughts, our kitchen journey began.

As any new project comes to mind, I was afraid that after we got home and back to normal life the thought would be put off or forgotten.  

So after we flew home, I started the project so there was no turning back.  This is the wall separating the dining room and the living room.   Keep checking for updates to see how it turns out and watch our journey.

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  1. "Hey Mom, what are you guys doing?" "Oh nothing, just knocking down the kitchen wall." (blink,blink)