Thursday, September 6, 2012

I am now an 'Egg'

In a Second your life changes......

A week ago Friday my left leg started hurting.  By Monday it was getting worse and I called my doctor.  They made me an appointment for the following day.  After work we stopped at our favorite bar for dinner.  After explaining my issues with our favorite bartender, she told me to call my daughter to see what she thought, but a friend of hers had the same issues and it was a blood clot.

I phoned my daughter, Chelsea (who is an RN in the emergency room at Covenant) and explained my condition to her.  She asked me if I was having chest pains.........(I knew I was in trouble).....I had been having chest pains.   I blamed it on stress.  Since my father passed away in July, I have been dealing with a lot.  Of course, she told me to get to the hospital.

After many was determined that I had Deep Vein Thrombosis and a Pulmonary Embolism.

I was admitted to the hospital and put on full bed rest.  I spent 5 days and nights in the hospital.  My family and friends, of course, were wonderful and very supportive.  I am now at home trying to build my strength back up and learning more about my condition.

I am now as my husband would say, 'An Egg'.  I am fragile.....which I have never been.  I found myself complaining about being 'An Egg'.  Why this happened to me.  Overall,  I have been a healthy person.  We watch what we eat, exercise, and maintain a healthy life style as possible.  (ok....we do have beer)  I didn't want anything to do with being 'An Egg"!

Then today.....I have read the following......

......Recovery from diseases like pulmonary embolisms, has its ups and downs for a long time after treatment is initiated.  It is not uncommon for someone to go 3 months without any problems and then find themselves with pain again.

.....After pulmonary embolism the body spends a lot of energy on healing the heart and lungs.  This means feeling more fatigued.  You also will get sick easier, stay sick longer, and find that you get more sick feeling when you are sick.

....OK...... feeling sorry for myself.....   :(     .........Then I start to thank God I have a chance to be 'An Egg'

....Many people with pulmonary embolisms never get a diagnosis until they are being autopsied.  Sudden collapse and death are often attributed to an embolism.

....If you are diagnosed with a Pulmonary are one of the lucky ones....

I am lucky to be here.  I will be a very happy 'Egg'.


  1. Aw, Mom, I love this post! I know it is scary and letting your body heal itself, is one of the most boring and self-reflective times you will ever have. Although I did not have a life-threatening disease, recovering from mono was awful. My strength and energy were drained from me for months and rebuilding it was awful. But you are right, you are one of the lucky ones :) You are our egg and we love you and are happy you are still here with us :)

  2. That Makes me cry.....I never want to leave you guys....I am so happy I am still with everyone!!