Friday, April 15, 2011

Make your children work!!

I know everyone has a different opinion on raising kids.....but here is mine when it comes to work.
MAKE YOUR CHILDREN WORK.  I am very lucky that both my children have good jobs and I like to think it is because they worked at a young age.  Both my kids had jobs at (of-course) McDonald's when they were 14 years old.  It wasn't easy for them.  Their friends stayed up late Friday night and I would have them out of bed at 4:00AM to hit the road to work.  But they did it.  I think it really helped them get a since of earning their own money and getting out on their own.  I know there are times when you have to help them, but just help them-don't do everything or pay everything.

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  1. My daughters also worked as teenagers. They all received their first car as a gift from their Dad, but were not allowed to drive it until they could afford the insurance and plates. I never paid for it. It was hard running them back and forth to work as a working mother myself, but they appreciated it and learned responsibility from it. Would never do it differently!